Perfection in a day trip

August 13, 2010

If you're at a loose end on another perfect Sydney weekend, make your way down to Palm Beach. Nestled on a landmark peninsula, less than an hour's drive from the CBD, quite simply, it's perfection in a day trip. Think white sand and crystal-clear ocean on a back-drop of untouched National Park - with a few boutique shops and restaurants there just to make your visit a little more fabulous. Free from the tourist crowds, concrete blocks and over-priced convenience stores that are the scurge of so many Sydney beaches, Palm Beach is an absolute gem. Beach Road, a beautiful restaurant serving great food in a halcyon setting, is there to seal the deal on the ultimate day out with modern Australian cuisine and sublime live musicians. If you prefer to float rather than body-surf, take a dip on the tranquil Pittwater side of the peninsula and be transported to tropical paradise. On the drive back to the big smoke, make sure you drop into Little Dragon in Newport, a hidden treasure trove filled with retro surfing collectibles and island kitsch from around the globe. If one day in paradise just isn't enough, head to neighbouring Whale Beach and spend a night (or two) at Jonah's*.

*Warning: memories make it hard to return to real life.

Palm Beach
Beautiful Beach Road restaurant
The terrace at Jonah's

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