Small pleasures

November 17, 2010

Today is one of those days where it feels like the stars have aligned and everything is right. The sun is out, the air smells like jasmine and there are fresh mangoes waiting for me in the fridge. Small things, I know, but isn't it often the little details, the things that get swept-up by the "bigger picture", that are the best? It got me thinking about the little things that I really love. Life's small pleasures...

1. Bringing in washing that's bone-dry and still warm from the sun.
2. Kissing the skin on the back of my baby's neck.
3. Those plants that people call "lambs ears"?? Divine.
4. The first ocean swim of the summer.
5. French cheese... jam... patisserie... Champagne...
6. Pedicured toes.
7. The way you feel when you hear your baby laugh. Indescribable...
8. Fresh figs that smell like a wet garden.
9. Pure silk... cashmere... cotton.
10. The sound of rain through the night.


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