Knock their stockings off!

December 14, 2010

Don't get me wrong, I love presents, especially when they're for me. But this Christmas, I'm all about the stocking-fillers. You know, the small(ish), kooky, creative gifts that make Christmas day month undeniably festive. Here, the Maurice & King edit for all things stocking-worthy.

Mexican Bird Garland Citta Design; Red Apple USB Kikki-K; Bandaids Urban Outfitters;
Wooden Apple stamp Kikki-K; Pretty Pear Stationery French Navy; Jet Set Coasters Jonathan Adler.

Lace eyelashes Shu Uemura; Printed tape Ryantown; iPhone case Rib & Hull; Mown Grass candle Baileys;
Noodle box speaker Sportsgirl; Cassis Noir Lip Delight MOR; Hand drawn plate Jim Bob Art

Pear Tree necklace Alex Monroe; Limited edition blush Bourjois; Calendar Jack & Lulu; Lip balm trio Kit;
Ikat cushion Table Tonic; Le Pomme Rose mini candle D.L. & Co; Bowl Citta Design.


Knicky Knacks said...

Those band aids are fantastic. I need some. Love the mown grass candle.

Louise (Table Tonic) said...

You are so clever. And your house is amazing. AND THIS BLOG IS ON FIRE!!! Love it!
PS It might just make an appearance on TT on Saturday...

leanne said...

just found via louise (above) - i love your stocking filler ideas and concur that they are what make chrimbo fun! I want those plasters, my little boy would adore them!

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