Tabletop perfection

December 20, 2010

If you're anything like me (ie. a perfectionist), and you're hosting Christmas this year, then emphasis on the Christmas table, and other finer details, will be measuring around 9.0 on the Richter scale. Here, the Maurice & King edit for all things worthy of a-topping the Christmas table (and surrounds) this year.

Dove lantern MOZI; vases Country Road; hot chocolate blocks Melt; bowl Citta Design; paper napkins Citta Design;
trio of birds Naomi Murrell; paper straws Donna Hay; envelope Packagery; candle Diptyque.

Flower garland Blom; party bag Poppies for Grace; chocolate bars Melt; glass creamer Fred; ribbon Lark;
wooden tree Future Shelter; candle Diptyque; felt acorns Astash Toys; paper sunburst Papier D'amour.

Christmas tree Future Shelter; chocolate bar Melt; standing stag Heal's; tape Rob Ryan; Champagne truffles Charbonnel & Walker; apple mini candle D.L. & Co.; dove ornament Future Shelter; hot chocolate block Melt; table runner Branch; candleabra Nordic Light; bon bon Bloom.

1 comment :

Knicky Knacks said...

You've found some amazing 'must haves' in that display of gorgeousness. I particularly love the birds from Naomi Murrell and they are presently on the very top of my Christmas wish list. Oh to dream. Have a wonderful Chrissy.

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