Water Dreaming

January 23, 2011

I am turning a landmark 30 years old this May and have had my eye on the Hermès Cape Cod watch as a suitably fabulous "milestone" gift-to-self. But I've been hesitating. What if my baby son chewed on the perfect kidskin strap? What if I accidentally dipped it in a bucket of Nappy San? And what if I took it off only to later find it in the garden, partly digested, by our future dog. So when I wandered into the Gallery Tjukurrpa Aboriginal art gallery, in Manly, and came face-to-face with this breathtaking painting, by Central Australian artist Maureen Hudson Nanpijinpa, all Hermès-related dreams/fears faded. In all its ethereal, pastel perfection, Water Dreaming was love at first sight.

1 comment :

karen said...

Wow, that work is amazing.
Just found your blog and loving it.

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