A little magic in Madrid

March 10, 2011

I stumbled upon this beauty while I was snooping around over at, definitely excellent blog, bellaMUMMA this morning. This Madrid home, once an old hostel, has been given a makeover to die for. Amaze.

Found via BellaMUMMA


Monique said...

Lovely images, I adore that kitchen

Cassandra Allen said...

oowwee, nice to meet your blog too! pretty pretty!!

Jaz {Oh How Sublime} said...

Ohhh great find, such a lovely home, thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend xx

Konfettiform said...

...I spot lovely images here as well ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

Franka said...

I like this home very much!


Jen S. said...

OMG that shower is amazing!!!!


Claudia Lane said...

I love spanish interiors...stylish without being too precious...my kind of interior :))

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