War & peace

April 8, 2011

As I stepped into the shower a couple of weeks ago it hit me, our bathroom was under occupation by the infamous "Babyland" dictatorship. I'd heard of these kinds of coups in the household before, filling perfectly beautiful rooms with all manner of retina-burning, plastic paraphernalia, and decided nothing short of a revolution was in order. I would need to pull-out the big guns - Egyptian cotton, organic lemons, the cheapest stool known to man and a clever frog. Victory was sweet, my friends. Showering serenity has been restored.

Alas, some battle scars still remain, but you can't win 'em all, right?


BabyMac said...

THAT FROG! GENIUS! Where can I get me one of those frogs?!

véronique said...

Love this one. And the frog would fit perfectly in our frenchy-frog bathroom !

Alice said...

Ha... It's not so bad! The plastic paraphernalia adds character. It is very serene. I love your bathroom. Very cute.
Just a Silhouette

Anonymous said...

wow your bathroom is so clean and bright! Mine always looks like a herd of elephants paraded through...hairy elephants...hairy elephants throwing piles of clothes in the air. :/

Anonymous said...

Love the frog pod. I was quick to put that on our registry. We've had it since baby #1, and it was a lifesaver from having little squirty bath toys, and alphabet letters and numbers that stick to the tub everywhere. Love the little plant by the sink. You did a great job. Feels serene.

Mission Accomplished.

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