July 5, 2011

I hate to jump on bandwagons (I much prefer trains) but I'm just all over this mismatched dining chair business I'm seeing alot of lately. Keyword? Fun!

Images via Bella Mumma, Apartment Therapy, Bella Mumma,
Apartment Therapy, Design Squish,
Design Squish, Pinterest.


Alice said...

I love mismatched chairs in a dining room. I think it's the only may to go, really. Sometimes I find the uniformity in matching chairs almost oppressive - everything must be in its place and clean, etc... but incorporating different styles welcomes chaos and real life. Very nice selection you have here!
Just a Silhouette

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I really do love the top image a lot. Mixing chairs is so fun!

xo Mary Jo

carina said...

i love this look too! although my boyfriend keeps complaining that our chairs dont match! haha

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