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February 6, 2012

You know you're a little bit lucky in life when your dearest friends are not only lovely, but very talented indeed. When I discovered that my (devastatingly creative) friend Caitlin was making bespoke paper cuttings, that were more than a little bit amazing,  I knew I had to have one. I immediately demanded commissioned her to create something that would capture the life of our little family and the result is spectacular. A completely original, whimsical delight. No detail was spared in capturing the little details of our life so far, from our homes in Sydney and Paris, to days spent with our son and even a tiny scene from our wedding day. All meticulously hand-cut from a single piece of paper. A truly precious keepsake and heirloom.

First trying her hand at paper-cutting in London in 2009, Caitlin developed her style into something uniquely her own "when the cold winters set in!". Each piece is created using acid-free paper, hand-cut with tiny pin-point scissors and scalpel and then finished with hand-painted water colour. "I like to capture little scenes in life with a whimsical edge, that evoke play and happiness and make people smile". If you're interested in commissioning Caitlin for your own divine custom-made paper cutting, or a truly beautiful gift for a loved one, you can contact Caitlin via email.

Caitlin also has an exhibition coming-up as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.McLaren Vale: Made in Colour’ opens on the 19th of February at 3pm at Dog Ridge Winery, with other exhibitors Peter Sinclair, Quenby Sinclair and Jen Wright. If you're lucky enough to be in the City of Churches for this most excellent of arts festivals, make this exhibit a must-see.

Caitlin's extraordinary paper-cuttings and Caitlin pictured with baby daughter Mala.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful – what incredible talent and a steady hand! Love, love, love x
Anna Dimond

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