So Frenchy, so chic

February 20, 2012

I rather love a bit of vintage poster action in a home. PS. The Frenchier the better.

French vintage poster (via The Design Files);Paris Vu Par vintage poster (via The Design Files);
L'impermeable Moderne C'est Blizzand vintage poster (via The Design Files);
Cines D'Orient vintage poster (via The Design Files).


Anonymous said...

Do you know where you can buy these posters? I love them!

MAURICE and KING said...

Hello! Vintage Posters Only in Melbourne have a fabulous range of original vintage posters You may be hard-pressed to find these exact posters, but you can definitely find some beautiful ones here. Good luck!

brett said...

Letitia Morrishave wonderful original vintage posters. The Blizzard , with Audrey Hepburns eyes is a poster they have made famous.

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