February 26, 2013

It's been a busy start to the year at Casa M&K - Note: moving house over Christmas is not recommended. But there's nothing like a new home to breathe life into all your old belongings, to fall in love with them all over again in new spots, on new walls and in new configurations you never thought possible. The boys' bedrooms have enjoyed the most attention so far, undoubtedly because they're the most fun of all the rooms to decorate. I'm still enamored with the heirloom rug crocheted by my Mother, so much so that I'm planning on putting in an order for another - 'kay, Mum? Other heirloom items I plan to never be apart from include the kooky animal prints by Ryan Berkley and Finders Keepers flyer print by the lovely and most talented Andrea Smith. While our new home has carpet that I find somewhat "disagreeable" (is it wrong to put rugs on carpet?), there is much about our new space that I love, and much that is still evolving. Stay tuned. 


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The boys' bedrooms are adorable! My daughter and I are about to start a decorating project for my grandsons' room, and you gave me some great ideas.

sunday collector said...

I seriously love moving - the opportunity to start fresh and re-style is so exciting. Your place is looking beautiful! Briar x

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