April 22, 2013

Can you imagine designing and building a house around the vintage items you had collected over a decade? Including kitchenware? I can. In fact, I dream of it... daily. Sadly, I have collected a total of four items that would make it onto my architectural blueprint, but this mind-blowingly beautiful Cornwall home, designed by Kathryn Tyler, is motivation enough to keep up my daily eBay trawl and stalkerish tendencies around Op Shops. You can read the full article on Kathryn's incredible home here.

Images via Dwell, Kathryn Tyler


Kate said...

Kate, I loved this episode of Grand Designs....
You have pinned some great pics over the last week too.:)
Hope you are having a good week. Kate :)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Wonderful photos...I especially love the upholstery on the saucer chair.

Anonymous said...

My favourite ever Grand Designs episode. Ridiculously stylish home and gorgeous occupants.

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