October 28, 2013

It's not unlike me to have an ongoing selection of items on the "Need It Now" list, but lately, this list has needed its own index. There's just so much covetable stuff out there and so many talented, indie designers making truly beautiful items, often by hand, always with love. The limited edition Homestead print by Beauchamping is currently ranking number 1 (everything in this store deserves some wallspace), followed closely by a selection of delicately divine yellow gold rings by Jenni Kwon. Despite the blazing heat here, I'm still going to go ahead and buy these boots by Dieppa Restrepo, because they're, quite simply, perfection. Oh, and I'll take anything in a buffalo check at the moment. Anything.

{01. Homestead Print by Beauchamping (via Living With Kids), 02.  Dieppa Restrepo Mer Boots, 03. Gold Rings by Jenni Kwon Design, 04. Small Batch Production Linen Dish Towel.}
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