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July 29, 2014

Summer is in full swing here in London and the city is abuzz. We are never short of things to see and do here and, while I find all the seasons have their charms, Summer is particularly lovely. It's so nice to have the windows open, the duvets off and toes out in sandals. Here are a few lovely things I've had out around our home, keeping things summery and making me smile.

1. Aesop has long been one of my favourite beauty brands, and their Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is a year-round must-have for me, but during these warmer months I've been loving their Purifying Exfoliating Paste too.
2. My gorgeous friend hand-makes these divine Primrose Hill Candles. Made with soy wax and the most luxurious combinations of aromatic essential oils, they're an instant pick-me-up. I'm currently burning their limited edition The Beach - a delicious mix of coconut and vanilla - and being transported to tropical paradise.
3. I'm gradually phasing out my old bath towels in favour of these Turkish Peshtemal. Light, quick-drying and folding-up to nothing (and moonlighting as a picnic rug!), they're a no brainer. Mine are from Atolyia, but you can also find a large selection on Etsy.
4. I try to make a monthly pilgrimage to worship at the temple of Liberty - seriously, this store can do no wrong. With a new niece in the family, I'm delighted to have an excuse to buy their covetable Liberty florals. Her name is Rose, how can I resist?!
5. Last, but certainly not least, the old English Rose cliché is alive and well. At this time of year, there isn't a single rose that doesn't stop me in my tracks. These fluorescent orange beauties, rambling on our street, took my breath away.

Hope you're enjoying the season, wherever you are!

{All photographs by Kate Paillat for Maurice & King.}

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Simone - honeyandfizz said...

So many lovely things! Those candles sound divine x

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