Boys Bunk Room Makeover

December 21, 2015

We moved house several months ago and while our new home has many things we love (wooden floors, a private entrance, a garden!) we did compromise on space. The boys room in particular is small and we knew a bunk bed was the only way to make their new space work. But the idea of a cosy bunk room, filled with cushions and soft textiles, along with the opportunity to pare back to the essentials (less toys!!) and create a smart space, really appealed to me. And the best part? The boys LOVE it.

1. Bunk Bed; 2. Quilted Blanket; 3. Bespoke Knit Blanket;
4. Hot Water Bottle; 5. Bespoke Knit Cushion;
6. House Cushions; 7. Knit Doll; 8. Bolga Basket.


Md Nahidul Huda said...

Nice kids

Samantha said...

wow! nice room furniture. i like this furniture. Big thanks to you for sharing such great information. read this article

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